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Welcome to Dream Mentor®

Hello everybody, my name is David and I am the only Dream Mentor® that exists today.

I help people to be happy and achieve their dreams and goals, as coach of extraordinary and even unusual things. We will use methods that go beyond coaching and psychology, and show you how to find a job, how to find a partner, how to recover your health, and above all, how to be happy, for me The universe will conspire in your favor to help!

What qualifies me? What makes me different? Because I? What I can bring you?

I can bring experience and knowledge.

I dedicated my life to apply these techniques starting from a young age, and thanks to them, I got the great success that supports me as a teacher, I became a judge in my 25 years old !!! And I did just to prove that my techniques work.

Since then, I’ve been perfecting the methods of application and teaching, and several people have already changed their lives thanks to my technical and tutorial (a very special case was that of a battered woman who is cleaning the home, it achieved independence, rediscover his first love, selling his apartment and parking in less than a month, during the real estate crisis, overcame fear to catch the bus and learned to drive your own car) and now, I am willing to teach you how to apply to achieve anything you want!

Prepare to enter the magic kingdom dela where everything is possible. Make a wish list!!!

How the Law of Attraction operates

What “The Secret” doesn’t teach

Online services

If you like being at home, the best for you it is an online consultation.

Courses and workshops

Elaborate custom courses and workshops.

Individual Consultations

Do you want to “do it now”? Are you a practical person? Individual consultations


I’m a certified foundational practitioner of the Reconnective Healing®


Mis Cursos

My services:

  • Tutoring, study skills and memory techniques, develops a supermemory!
  • I teach you to achieve goals, find work, coaching consultations.
  • You wonder: how to increase my income? I teach you how to apply the Law of Attraction to attract prosperity and abundance in your life.
  • Having been trained in energy therapies, it is possible to login to a total energy rebalancing. I trained in Reiki and reconnection with official qualifications.
  • In appreciation of my beginnings, I also do consultations palmistry (reading hands) and tarot.

The key exceedances
It is within your reach.

Now with Dream Mentor®

Contact with me, now

Parliament of the World’s Religions in 2018

One of the pillars of the Dream Mentor® method is spirituality. The method involves a special formula for peace among religions, and even between atheists and believers, while at the same time it preserves our rich plurality in our own ways of thinking. Such a solid and revolutionary —but scientifically proven and approved— system, called […]